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July 18, 2006 at 6:27 pm 1 comment

This is a very good example of how movie directors fall in trap of the successes of their own formula. Madhur Bhandarkar uses senior actors from Marathi theatre, sprinkling of sex, a couple of side-line characters who keep audiences entertained by giving “gyan” on corporate life. This movie clearly falls to create the punch that Page 3 did. The script isvery very weak. In fact, in the second-half, the host-shot award-winning business executive Nishi (Bipasha Basu) coolly signs all the papers going to enquiry commission, without even glancng at them once!!!

To cut a long story short….. Nishi steals secrets of new project from Parvez(CEO of Marwa Industries – a competing Business group) To achieve this she uses an age-old art of seduction, followed by a direct attack on Parvez’s masculinityby an ultra-hot model. Then she proceeds to copy all the project details using a USB drive, while Parvez continues his deep slumber caused by sexual excesses with this model. This is known as “Social Engineering” in parlance of hackers. It is possibly a first in Hindi movies!!!

Funny, each and every one of these corporate biggies takes to drinks, if things don’t go their way. Madhur Bhandarkar has mixed up hischaracters. He should know by now business success and drinking habitsdon;t go hand-in-hand. If he continued to be a detailed oriented guy as he used to be, he would have shown Pan Parag Pan Masala somewhere 🙂 (No kidding . Believe me when I say it is the most used corporatetranquilizer used.).

Thee nd is so flat …. the loyal corporate executive (Bipasa Basu) goes to jail to cover her employers and delivers a kid there. She loses her lover (Kay Kay) who is killed by his own brother-in-law and industrialist Vinay Sehgal (Rajat Kapoor) so that he does not spill the beans about the real culprit is in pesticides contamination case to media.

More on performances – It is a good move for Bipasa Basu, who seems to have acted well (under direction of Madhur). Vinay Apte pulls of a convincing politician. Kay Kay should stop smoking, or else he is going to look like a TB patient in future.Even usual solitary Asha Bhosle song cannot save the movie. After high expectations and a couple of recommendations, the movie turned out to be a damp squib.


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